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The following includes only newly added species, name changes, newly posted articles, major updates to articles/pages (for example, changes to notes that provide substantial new information/corrections) and new photos. It does not include new photos added to "gallery" pages, minor alterations to data on established pages and correction of typos. Changes in those categories are too numerous to conveniently list.

The most recent changes are at the top and are grouped by month. The links are to the species pages while the comments indicate the nature of the change or give the title of the secondary page that was added or expanded.




Flabellina rubrolineata changed to Flabellina sp. #2

Pteraeolidia semperi--regenerating (2nd photo)


Ceratosoma sp. #2--side (2nd photo)

Tenellia sp. #26--new species

Flabellina rubrolineata--laying eggs

Bornella anguilla--gills


Goniodoridella sp. #1--2nd view

Eubranchus sp. #7--2nd view

Anteaeolidiella cacaotica--dark

Thordisa sp. #14--young?

Unidentified Juliid #1--top

Philinopsis speciosa--young

Enotepteron rosewateri--posterior detail

Bornella stellifer--pattern detail

Rostanga(?) sp. #3--egg mass (3rd photo)

Hypselodoris insulana--side

Thordisa sp. #2--more brown

Facelina sp. #3--on food hydroid?

Hypselodoris peasei--confluent pigment

Goniobranchus verrieri--egg mass (2nd photo)

Euselenops luniceps--swimming

Dolabella auricularia--young (3rd photo)

Phanerophthalmus cf. paulayi --2nd view

Haminoea ovalis--green

Philinopsis speciosa--shell ( 2nd photo)

Pleurolidia juliae--contracted cerata

Peronia verruculata--varition (2nd photo)(pulmonate addendum)

Embletonia gracilis--young (2nd photo)

Phyllidiopsis cardinalis--side

Phyllidia exquisita--side

Goniobranchus sp. #1--head

Chromodoris sp. #2--young (3rd photo)

Gastropteron sp. #1--2nd view

Hypselodoris maridadilus--laying eggs

Flabellina rubrolineata--top

Phyllidiella pustulosa--without flash


Jorunna funebris--new photo, side (new photo) & light

Haminoea cymbalum--purple spots

Tambja morosa--punctured?

Goniobranchus decorus--many spots

Phyllodesmium sp. #1--pale (2nd photo) & feeding (3rd photo)

Costasiella sp. #1--with brown

Berthella sp. #1--pustules

Ardeadoris angustolutea--mating

Hypselodoris bertschi--feeding

Goniobranchus verrieri--feeding (2nd & 3rd photos)

Goniobranchus albopustulosus--on food sponge? (3rd photo)

Samla bicolor--feeding?

Phyllidia varicosa--feeding? (2nd photo)

Phyllidiopsis sphingis--on food sponge? (2nd photo)

Phyllidiella pustulosa--feeding (2nd photo)

Phyllidiella rosans--feeding (2nd photo)

Peltodoris fellowsi--feeding (new 3rd photo)

Halgerda terramtuentis--on food sponge?

Tambja morosa--feeding (new photo)

Dendrodoris krusensternii--branchia (2nd photo)

Goniobranchus vibratus--egg mass (4th photo)

Unidentified Facelinid sp. #7--new species

Godiva sp. #1--young (2nd photo)

Glossodoris rufomarginata--with egg masses (2nd photo)

Thorunna daniellae--color variant (2nd photo)

Aplysia elongata--red


Lamellaria sp. #7--context (Velutinid Addendum)

Lamellaria sp. #5--feeding (Velutinid Addendum)

Lamellaria sp. #1--feeding (Velutinid Addendum)

Aplysia parvula changed to Aplysia elongata


Berthellina sp. #1 split from Berthellina delicata--new species

Phyllidiella sp. #1 split from Phyllidiella pustulosa--new species

Phyllidiella pustulosa--rhinophores (2nd photo)

Actinocyclus verrucosus--young (2nd photo)

Scyllae cf. fulva--new species

Hallaxa cf. fuscescens split from Actinocyclus verrucosus--new species

Onchidium verruculatum changed to Peronia verruculata

Phyllodesmium sp. #3--new species

Doto sp. #2--new species

Halgerda terramtuentis--side (2nd photo)

Philinopsis speciosa--dark (3rd photo)

Mourgona sp. #4 split from Mourgona sp. #1--new species


Lamellaria sp. #11 added to Velutinid Addendum

Goniobranchus vibratus--underside (new photo)

Dendrodoris tuberculosa--underside, atypical

Hypselodoris bertschi--branchia


Phyllidia scottjohnsoni--pair

Diacria trispinosa split into Diacria trispinosa & Diacria major

Thorunna kahuna--interrupted line (2nd photo)

Diacria costata changed to Diacria schmidti

Diacavolinia longirostris changed to Diacavolinia aff. longirostris

Creseis clava
changed to Creseis acicula

Embolus inflatus changed to Heliconoides inflatus


Thuridilla multimarginata--side & front of head

Phyllidiopsis fissuratus changed to Phyllidiopsis fissurata

Stylocheilus(?) sp. #1--less white (3rd photo) & ocelli detail (2nd photo)

Stylocheilus(?) sp. #1--more white, young (2nd photo) & less white (2nd photo)

Jorunna funebris--new photo & large

Hypselodoris bertschi--young (2nd photo)



Bulbaeolidia alba--side

Facelina sp. #3--side

Hypselodoris maridadilus--detail

Ardeadoris(?) sp. #4--2nd view

Halgerda cf. elegans lumped with Halgerda paliensis

Thorunna kahuna--interrupted line & white line

Hexabranchus aureomarginatus--feeding

Dendrodoris tuberculosa--with shrimp

Anteaeolidiella cacaotica--side

Gymnodoris sp. #10--new species

Anteaeolidiella cacaotica split from Anteaeolidiella cf. takanosimensis--new species

sp. #13 changed to Sacoproteus nishae

Stiliger sp. #5 changed to Sacoproteus thomasleei

Stiliger smaragdinus changed to Sacoproteus smaragdinus

Rostanga sp. #3 changed to Rostanga(?) sp. #3

Bosellia sp. #1 moved to Plakobranchidae

Runcinacea changed to Runcinida

Acteocinidae changed to Tornatinidae

Unidentified Discodorid #9 changed to Doriopsilla sp. #9

Phanerophthalmus sp. #1 changed to Phanerophthalmus perpalidus

Phanerophthalmus smaragdinus changed to Phanerophthalmus cf. paulayi

Phanerophthalmus cf. albocollaris changed to Phanerophthalmus anettae

Pteraeolidia semperi--with egg mass (2nd photo)

Mourgona sp. #1--young, atypical

Stiliger sp. #5--irregular branches

Stiliger sp. #6--new photo

Creseis acicula changed to Creseis clava

Lobiger cf. souverbii changed to Lobiger viridis


Dermatobranchus sp. #1 changed to Dermatobranchus cf. piperoides

Hypselodoris violabranchia--atypical rhinophore

Tylodinoidea changed to Umbraculoidea

Thorunna kahuna--extra rhinophores

Polybranchia orientalis split into Polybranchia jensenae & Polybranchia samanthae--new species

Mourgona(?) sp. #3--new species

Mourgona sp. #2--new species

Cyerce nigricans--new species
Flabellina sp. #1 changed to Samla sp. #1

Flabellina cf. rubropurpurata changed to Samla cf. rubropurpurata

Flabellina bicolor changed to Samla bicolor

Samlidae split out of Flabellinidae

Micromelo undatum changed to Micromelo undatus

Hypselodoris peasei--young (2nd photo)

Hypselodoris bertschi--young (new photo)

Nakamigawaia sp. #1 changed to Nakamigawaia spiralis

Cyerce sp. #1 changed to Mourgona sp. #1

Gastropteron sp  #2 changed to Gastropteron minutum

Siphopteron pohnpei changed to Sagaminopteron pohnpei

Bulbaeolidia sp. #1 changed to Bulbaeolidia paulae

Jorunna funebris--young


Niparaya cf. regiscorona--rust

Nakamigawaia sp. #2--new photo, side, "tails," black (new photo) & trio crawling

Goniobranchus vibratus--egg mass (3rd photo)


Hexabranchus pulchellus--with shrimp & dark

Peltodoris fellowsi--on food sponge (2nd photo)

Ardeadoris angustolutea--young

Hypselodoris peasei--underside (2nd photo)

Flabellina cf. rubropurpurata--new photo

Unidentified Discodorid #18--new species
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