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The following includes only newly added species, name changes, newly posted articles, major updates to articles/pages (for example, changes to notes that provide substantial new information/corrections) and new photos. It does not include new photos added to "gallery" pages, minor alterations to data on established pages and correction of typos. Changes in those categories are too numerous to conveniently list.

The most recent changes are at the top and are grouped by month. The links are to the species pages while the comments indicate the nature of the change or give the title of the secondary page that was added or expanded.




Phyllodesmium sp. #1--feeding (4th & 5th photos)


Ardeadoris angustolutea--with egg mass

Lamprohaminoea sp. #1--violet (new photo)

"group" tables revised and updated

Elysia sp. #7--side (2nd photo)

sp. #1 changed to Phycophila euchlora

Cerberilla sp. #1 changed to Cerberilla cf. albopunctata; photos rearranged

Asteronotus cespitosus--side & rhinophores

Goniodoridella sp. #3--new species


Sacoproteus cf. smaragdinus--2nd animal, underside, side, & markings

Sacoproteus nishae changed to Sacoproteus cf. smaragdinus

Sacoproteus smaragdinus changed to Sacoproteus sp. #1

Halgerda terramtuentis--rhinophores (2nd photo)

Thorunna daniellae--on food sponge (3rd & 4th photos)

Goniobranchus decorus--feeding (new photo)

Plakobranchus ocellatus--front

Micromelo undatus--side (2nd photo)

Baeolidia moebii--front (2nd photo)

Tambja morosa--mating (2nd photo)


Godiva sp. #1--head

Cerberilla cf. albopunctata--old

Tambja morosa--blue background

Hypselodoris infucata--rhinophores (2nd photo)

Unidentified Facelinid sp. #7--pair digging, side (2nd photo) & foot corner

Ardeadoris(?) sp. #4--marginal line

Unidentified Phyllidiid #1--revised photos & top

Unidentified Facelinid #2--rhinophores

Costasiella sp. #2--new species

Goniobranchus albopunctatus--young

Hypselodoris infucata--feeding (2nd photo)

Hypselodoris bertschi--rhinophores

Caloria sp. #3--with egg mass & regeneration error

Thecacera pacifica--mating & front

Laemodonta sp. #1--Kaneoe Bay animals moved to Laemodonta octanfracta (pulmonate addendum)

Hypselodoris imperialis--laying eggs


Unidentified Facelinid #2--head

Hexabranchus pulchellus--with shrimp (3rd photo)

Gymnodoris sp. #5--large

Tenellia lugubris--feeding damage (3rd photo)

Phyllidiopsis fissurata--side, front & rhinophores

Tambja morosa--head detail (3rd photo)

Cuvierina columnella--new photo, detail & young

Cavolinia inflexa--new photo

Corolla spectabilis--new photo & detail


Cymbulia sibogae--new species

Tambja morosa--excreting

Aplysia oculifera--laying eggs


Gymnodoris citrina--genital pore

Aldisa sp. #2--egg mass (2nd photo)

Plakobranchus ocellatus--resting (2nd photo)

Cyerce pavonina--young (3rd photo)


Tambja morosa--without rhinophores

Hexabranchus pulchellus--anal papilla & dark (2nd photo)

Roxania(?) calcarea moved to Alacuppidae

Ventomnestia villica changed to Mnestia cf. villica

un. sp. #15 changed to Vellicola sp. #15

un. sp. #13 changed to Vellicola sp. #13

un. sp. # 10 changed to Weinkauffia sp. #10

un. sp. #9 changed to Roxaniella sp. #9

un. sp. #7 changed to Mimatys fukuokaensis and moved to Alacuppidae

Limulatys muscarius changed to Vellicola muscarius

Liloa sp. #2 changed to Liloa(?) sp. #2

Liloa curta changed to Liloa mongii

Haminoea sp. #5 changed to Haloa sp. #5

Haminoea sp. #1 changed to Lamprohaminoea sp. #1

Haminoea ovalis changed to Lamprohaminoea cf. ovalis

Haminoea cf. natalensis changed to Haloa crocata

Haminoea cymbalum changed to Lamprohaminoea cymbalum

Hamineobulla(?) kawamurai moved to Scaphandridae as Hamineobulla kawamurai

Atys ukulele changed to Weinkauffia ukulele

Atys pittmani changed to Roxaniella pittmani



Tubulophilinopsis pilsbryi--feeding?

Caloria sp. #1--side

Tambja morosa--blue-green gills (4th photo) & feeding (2nd photo)

Hypselodoris infucata--young (2nd photo)

Mourgona(?) sp. #5--new species

Thuridilla cf. vatae--new species

Melibe sp. #1--new species


Tambja morosa--brown background

Bornella stellifer--side


Godiva sp. #1--side (2nd photo)

Dolabella auricularia--shell (3rd photo)

Flabellina rubrolineata changed to Flabellina sp. #2

Pteraeolidia semperi--regenerating (2nd photo)


Ceratosoma sp. #2--side (2nd photo)

Tenellia sp. #26--new species

Flabellina rubrolineata--laying eggs

Bornella anguilla--gills


Goniodoridella sp. #1--2nd view

Eubranchus sp. #7--2nd view

Anteaeolidiella cacaotica--dark

Thordisa sp. #14--young?

Unidentified Juliid #1--top

Philinopsis speciosa--young

Enotepteron rosewateri--posterior detail

Bornella stellifer--pattern detail

Rostanga(?) sp. #3--egg mass (3rd photo)

Hypselodoris insulana--side

Thordisa sp. #2--more brown

Facelina sp. #3--on food hydroid?

Hypselodoris peasei--confluent pigment

Goniobranchus verrieri--egg mass (2nd photo)

Euselenops luniceps--swimming

Dolabella auricularia--young (3rd photo)

Phanerophthalmus cf. paulayi --2nd view

Haminoea ovalis--green

Philinopsis speciosa--shell ( 2nd photo)

Pleurolidia juliae--contracted cerata

Peronia verruculata--varition (2nd photo)(pulmonate addendum)

Embletonia gracilis--young (2nd photo)

Phyllidiopsis cardinalis--side

Phyllidia exquisita--side

Goniobranchus sp. #1--head

Chromodoris sp. #2--young (3rd photo)

Gastropteron sp. #1--2nd view

Hypselodoris maridadilus--laying eggs

Flabellina rubrolineata--top

Phyllidiella pustulosa--without flash
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