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young, about 20 mm

Hypselodoris paulinae
Gosliner & Johnson, 1999
Hypselodoris paulinae
Maximum size:  65 mm.

Identification:  This dorid is bright-white with two red-orange, continuous or broken longitudinal lines in the center of the notum. The mantle margin is bright yellow and there are large red spots just inside this yellow band. There are red spots and a purple band running along the sides of body. The rhinophores are orange and the gills are white with a red base and orange rachis.

Natural history:  Hypselodoris paulinae is a rare species known from only a few animals. It has been found on reef flats, shaded cliffs and wrecks in moderately exposed locations from 5-120 m (16-394 ft). It's also been found in Halimeda kanaloana beds at 17 m (55 ft). The deepest animal was photographed from a HURL submersible. Scott Johnson reported trailing behavior in a pair he observed on Oahu. It lays a white egg mass.

Distribution:  Maui, Molokai and Oahu.

Taxonomic notes:  This species is listed as Hypselodoris sp. 3 in Hoover, 1998. It was first recorded in Hawaii from Oahu by Scott Johnson on July 22, 1985. It's referred to as the "rare Hypselodoris" in Hoover, 1998 and as "Pauline's nudibranch" in Hoover, 2006.

Photo:  Mike Severns: side; 65 mm: found by PF; Molokini Islet, Maui; July 22, 1991.

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