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slender form, 2.2 mm

Odostomia cf. gulicki Pilsbry, 1918
Odostomia cf. gulicki: shell
Maximum size:  2.9 mm.

Identification:  The shells of this species are similar to those of Odostomia cf. oxia but differ from that species in that the protoconch rises well above the apical whorl, the apical whorls are wider, the shell is usually thinner and the spire is usually more slender.

Natural history:  According to Kay (1979), shells of  Odostomia cf. gulicki are occasionally found in beach drift. On Maui, we've found only a few shells in subtidal sand samples from 1-9 m (3-30 ft).

Distribution:  Maui and Oahu (also Johnston Atoll?).

Taxonomic notes:  The shell illustrated as Odostomia gulicki in Kay, 1979 appears to be this species and the original drawing of that species in Pilsbry, 1918 also seems comparable (though somewhat ambiguous). The slender form is listed as Odostomia loxocephala (Pilsbry, 1918) in Severns, 2011 while that species is considered as an indeterminate juvenile in Kay, 1979. The shell illustrated as Odostomia gulicki in Severns, 2011 is Odostomia cf. oxia. There's also some possibility that the slender form could be a separate species but, based on the limited sample, they seem to intergrade.

Photo:  CP: composite photo, two shells; largest 2.9 mm: subtidal sand samples, Hekili Point, Maui; fall, 1991.

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