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Phyllidia scottjohnsoni
Brunckhorst, 1993
Phyllidia scottjohnsoni
Maximum size:  26 mm.

Identification:  This species has a translucent or opaque white background with large black spots. Small tubercles are present on the notum and the rhinophores are cream. It can be easily distinguished from Phyllidiopsis loricata in that the latter lacks black spots on the mid-dorsal region.

Natural history:  Phyllidia scottjohnsoni is a rare species that we have only seen once at Midway, on the underside of an overhang at 12 m (39 ft). However, Keoki Stender reports that they were common at Midway outside the lagoon at around 15 m (50 ft) (Sea Slug Forum). So, the population may be variable. Scott Johnson found several animals outside the lagoon at Kure at depths of 3-10 m (10-33 ft).

Distribution:  Oahu?, Midway and Kure: also known from Japan and Australia. (Note 1)

Taxonomic notes:  This species was first recorded in Hawaii from Kure Atoll by Scott Johnson in June, 1979. It was described from Hawaii and named for Scott Johnson.

Photo:  PF: 26 mm: Midway; Oct. 13, 1997.

Observations and comments:

Note 1:  Previous records of this species from Oahu may have been misidentified P. loricata--see the comment on Scott Johnson's site. We've also failed to find any photographic confirmation for the species from the main islands.
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