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The family Haminoeidae (listed as Atyidae in some sources) includes small herbivorous species with thin, and sometimes reduced, external shells that lack elevated spires. Many burrow and most are nocturnal although a few, such at Haminoea cymbalum, are diurnal. Some of the most common opisthobranchs in Hawaii are in this family though they are seldom seen due to their cryptic coloration and burrowing habits. About 30 species are known from Hawaii in about 11 genera (Aliculastrum, Atys, Diniatys, Haloa, Lamprohaminoea, Liloa, Phaneropthalmus, Roxaniella, Smaragdinella, Vellicola and Weinkauffia). Phaneropthalmus and Smaragdinella are sometimes placed in a separate family, the Smaragdinellidae.

Atys kekele Pilsbry, 1921 (probably in Aliculastrum) was described from fossil material and is not covered. It appears to be closer to the Indo-Pacific Aliculastrum cylindricum than to Aliculastrum debile or Atys ukulele. More inflated shells collected from Pearl Harbor during World War Two resemble shells of A. cylindricum but their status relative to A. kekele and A. debile from Midway is unknown.

Aliculastrum debile

Atys kuhnsi

Atys semistriatus

Atys sp. #5

Diniatys dentifer

Diniatys dubius

Haloa crocata

Haloa sp. #5

Lamprohaminoea cymbalum

Lamprohaminoea cf. ovalis

Lamprohaminoea sp. #1

Liloa mongii

Liloa porcelana

Liloa(?) sp. #2

Phanerophthalmus anettae

Phanerophthalmus cf. paulayi

Phanerophthalmus perpallidus

Roxaniella pittmani

Roxaniella sp. #9

Smaragdinella calyculata

Vellicola muscarius

Vellicola sp. #13

Vellicola sp. #15

Weinkauffia ukulele

Weinkauffia sp. #10

un. sp. #2

un. sp. #3

un. sp. #4

un. sp. #5

un. sp. #14

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