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The following includes only newly added species, name changes, newly posted articles, major updates to articles/pages (for example, changes to notes that provide substantial new information/corrections) and new photos. It does not include new photos added to "gallery" pages, minor alterations to data on established pages and correction of typos. Changes in those categories are too numerous to conveniently list.

The most recent changes are at the top and are grouped by month. The links are to the species pages while the comments indicate the nature of the change or give the title of the secondary page that was added or expanded.




Glossodoris rufomarginata--predation

Bulbaeolidia alba--young

Tenellia sp. #25--egg masses (5th photo)

Berthella pellucida changed to Pleurehdera pellucida

Berthella martensi changed to Tomoberthella martensi

Ercolania sp. #7--releasing fluid

Marianina rosea--rhinophores (new photo)

Thordisa sp. #5--mature, branchia & rhinophores

Tambja morosa--head detail (fourth photo)

Tenellia sp. #29--front & cerata detail

Trivirostra edgari --young (2nd photo) (prosobranch addendum)

Goniobranchus verrieri--mating

Phyllidia sp. #1--rhinophores


Tenellia sp. #2--underside

Favorinus japonicus--feeding (11th photo)

Dolabrifera dolabrifera--pink

Paradoris sp. #1--branchia & rhinophores (2nd photo)

Gymnodoris sp. #11--laying eggs

Gymnodoris sp. #2--front

Thordisa albomacula--young (3rd photo)

Dendrodoris tuberculosa--rhinophores (new photo)



Phyllidia sp. #1--oral tentacles

Spurilla braziliana--cerata

Costasiella fridae--regeneration error

Tenellia sp. #6--side

Dolabrifera dolabrifera--mating & egg mass (4th photo)

Placida barackobamai--on Derbesia sp.

Unidentified Discodorid #5--resting cluster

Lobiger viridis--mantle lobes (2nd & 3rd photos)

Cyerce bourbonica--"dark & tubercles" & side (2nd photo)

Discodoris lilacina--rhinophores

Noumeaella isa--side


Lamellaria sp. #7--dark orange (2nd & 3rd photos) (prosobranch addendum)

Kalinga ornata--new photo, side (2nd photo), rhinophores (2nd photo) branchia (new photos), & contracted

Costasiella sp. #1--on Avrainvillea

Noalda sp. #2--top (new photo)

Phyllidiopsis sphingis--on food sponge (3rd photo)

Phyllidiella rosans--feeding (3rd photo)

Atagema sp. #3--new photo, rhinophores (new photo), side (2nd photo), branchia (2nd & 3rd photos), pair & egg mass (2nd & 3rd photos)

Williamia radiata--underside (2nd & 3rd photos) (pulmonate addendum)

Dendrodoris sp. #10--new species

Thorunna kahuna--white-lined (4th photo)

Hypselodoris infucata--front

Peronia verruculatum changed to Peronia platei (pulmonate addendum)

Jorunna alisonae--young

Peltodoris fellowsi changed to Hiatodoris fellowsi

Biuve cf. fulvipunctata--sensory bristles

Syphonota geographica--large, side (3rd photo) & front (4th photo)

Hypselodoris bertschi--laying eggs

Chromodoris aspersa--feeding (new photos)

Flabellina exoptata--rhinophores

Tubulophilinopsis sp. #1--minus reticulation

Syphonota geographica--swimming

Goniobranchus decorus--with white spots

Hexabranchus sandwichensis--flared mantle

Goniobranchus albopustulosus--pale

Aplustrum amplustre--mating

Eubranchus sp. #1--cerata detail

Ardeadoris poliahu--young (new photo)

Colpodaspis thompsoni--young

Rissoella cf. confusa--slender (lower heterobranch addendum)

Caloria sp. #1--pale

Phyllodesmium undulatum--new species

Murphydoris sp. #3--brown dots, side (3rd photo), rhinophores (2nd photo) & processes (2nd photo)


Elysia degeneri--variation in spots (2nd photo)

Psilaxis radiatus--mating pair? (lower heterobranch addendum)

Aplysia elongata--front

Scyllae sp. #1--spotted (3rd photo)

Siphopteron quadrispinosum--front

Unidentified Facelinid sp. #3--side (new photo)

Halgerda terramtuentis--branchia (2nd & 3rd photos)

Samla cf. rubropurpurata--head

Tenellia sp. #16--feeding

Unidentia sp. #1--mating, feeding & eggs?

Phyllidiella pustulosa--less pink

Platydoris sanguinea--new species (promoted from text entry)

Goniobranchus geometricus--new species

Favorinus sp. #2--new photo, side, brown spots, less white, green, violet, young, feeding, mating

Favorinus sp. #1--brown spots deleted; feeding (new photo); young & split rhinophore added

Favorinus japonicus--tan & feeding (6th photo) deleted; young (2nd photo), feeding (8th photo) & four swellings added


Murphydoris sp. #1--side (new photo)

Plocamopherus ceylonicus--finely spotted

Unidentified Facelinid sp. #7--cerata

Rissoella cf. confusa--bright (lower heterobranch addendum)

Unidentified Facelinid sp. #21 split from Caloria sp. #1--new species

Lamellaria sp. #3--surface texture (prosobranch addendum)

Thuridilla neona--front

Dermatobranchus rubidus--burrowing & young (new photo)

Tenellia sp. #16--carrying eggs

Unidentia sp. #1--more white & carrying eggs

Kaloplocamus cf. dokte--dark branchia

Okenia sp. #1--little orange

Flabellina exoptata--spots

Trivirostra edgari--front (prosobranch addendum)

Favorinus sp. #1--feeding

Abronica sp. #4--side (3rd photo)

Tenellia sp. #13--side (2nd photo)

Plakobranchus ocellatus--predation

Philinopsis speciosa--attacking prey (4th & 5th photos)

Eubranchus sp. #2--side

Melibe megaceras--front (3rd & 4th photo)

Ardeadoris scottjohnsoni--mating (new photos)

Tubulophilinopsis lineolata--2nd animal and side (new photos)

Plocamopherus maculatus--swimming

Stylocheilus striatus--predation (4th photo)

Baeolidia moebii--egg mass (3rd & 4th photos)

Gymnodoris sp. #11--recently fed?

Phyllidiopsis sphingis--dusky rhinophores (3rd photo)

Aliculastrum debile--anemone predation

Eubranchus sp. #6--front

Eubranchus sp. #4--iridescence

Thuridilla sp. #3--front

Lamellaria sp. #3--with cross-bar (4th & 5th photos) (prosobranch addendum)

Lamellaria sp. #2--side (2nd photo) (prosobranch addendum)

Favorinus sp. #1--brown spots (4th photo)

Tenellia sp. #22--detail (2nd photo)

Siphopteron quadrispinosum--abnormal


Tenellia sp. #11--with egg mass (3rd photo)

Polycera sp. #1--dark

Bullina lineata--predation

Kaloplocamus sp. #1--new species

Unidentia sp. #1--new species

Philinopsis speciosa--"spots & flares"

Pruvotfolia sp. #1--new species

Jorunna alisonae--branchia & egg mass (2nd photo)

Aplysia elongata--dark (2nd photo)

Caloria indica--minus white band

Carminodoris sp. #2--side & underside

Cerberilla sp. #2--front (3rd photo)

Cerberilla albopunctata--side & orange foot corner

Flabellina exoptata--predation?

Tenellia sp. #10--in field (2nd photo)

Elysia sp. #10--violet margin

Hermaea sp. #1--on sand (2nd photo)

Elysia sp. #13--brown margins

Lamellaria sp. #3--with cross-bar (prosobranch addendum)

Hexabranchus aureomarginatus--oral tentacles (2nd photo)

Tenellia sp. #30--new species

Elysia pusilla--white (2nd photo)

Discodoris cebuensis--side (3rd photo)

Eubranchus sp. #6--side (4th photo)

Okenia pellucida--front (2nd photo) & branchia

Sagaminopteron pohnpei--orange form

Murphydoris sp. #1--broad processes

Cerberilla sp. #2--front

Godiva sp. #1--head (2nd photo)

Notarchus indicus--reticulated

Unidentified Facelinid sp. #10--new species

Tenellia sp. #25--side

Tenellia lugubris--front

Gymnodoris sp. #11--underside & oral tentacles


Spinoaglaja(?) sp. #3--2nd animal

Melibe megaceras--swimming (new 2nd photo)

Glaucus mcfarlanei--large

Ardeadoris angustolutea--dark

Acteon virgatus given its own page

Thorunna daniellae--violet stalks (3rd photo)

Polybranchia samanthae--with egg masses?

Jorunna funebris--rhinophores & papillae

Hexabranchus pulchellus changed to Hexabranchus sandwichensis

Ardeadoris scottjohnsoni--more blue

Phyllidia varicosa--young (2nd photo)

Hypselodoris maridadilus--rhinophores (2nd photo) & branchia

Glaucus marginata changed to Glaucus mcfarlanei

Polybranchia cf. jannae--without red

Diaulula sp. #2--new species

Facelina sp. #4--pale (new photo)

Stylocheilus striatus--young (3rd photo)

Elysia rufescens--migratory form (3rd photo)

Stiliger sp. #10--cerrata detail (new photo)

Doris granulosa--all yellow

Murphydoris cf. cobbi--side (3rd photo)

Phyllodesmium sp. #2--with yellow

Polybranchia samanthae--pair

Platydoris formosa--without red

Tubulophilinopsis lineolata--new species

Atagema scabriuscula--young

Abronica sp. #4--side (2nd photo)

Chromodoris sp. #2--branchia & front (2nd photo)


Murphydoris sp. #3--side (2nd photo)

Favorinus japonicus--egg mass (3rd photo)

Tenellia pinnifera--mating

Phyllodesmium sp. #2--side (new photo)

Goniodoris sp. #1 changed to Pelagella(?) sp. #1

Goniodoris joubini changed to Pelagella joubini

Thecacera pacifica--branchia

Dolabrifera dolabrifera--head (3rd photo)

Thorunna kahuna--wide line

Melibe megaceras--side (new photo)

Gymnodoris okinawae--egg mass (new 2nd photo)

Ercolania sp. #3--group

Aplysia elongata--red (2nd & 3rd photos)

Dolabrifera dolabrifera--reticulated

Plocamopherus maculatus--more brown

Hexabranchus aureomarginatus--early transitional (2nd photo)

Doris pecten--pale

Doris viridis--more yellow

Elysia rufescens--egg mass (2nd photo)

Chromodoris striatella--given own page

Thliptodon diaphanus--given own page

Marionia hawaiiensis--violet cerata

Dendrodoris sp. #9--new species


Eubranchus mandapamensis--detail

Cyerce bourbonica--young (2nd & 3rd photos)

Bullina sp. #1--new species

Tenellia sp. #10--in field

Hypselodoris infucata--mating

Hypselodoris bertschi--young (3rd photo)

Goniobranchus albopustulosus--mating (2nd photo)

Costasiella fridae--rhinophore swellings (2nd photo)

Hypselodoris alboterminata--pale marks

Glaucus atlanticus--pale & with prey (2nd photo)

Polybranchia samanthae--green patches

Hermaea sp. #1--side (2nd photo)

Ardeadoris angustolutea--mating (2nd photo)

Caloria sp. #3--front

Thuridilla neona--interior (2nd photo)

Verconia varians--front & young (3rd photo)

Elysia sp. #12--front & side (2nd photo)

Stylocheilus longicauda--opaque, interior, feeding, defecating & egg mass


Miamira sinuata--violet (3rd photo)

Cratena sp. #1--pale (2nd photo)

Elysia sp. #5--young (2nd & 3rd photos)

Elysia sp. #14 split from Elysia sp. #5--new species

Bornella anguilla--top, rhinophores & gills (2nd photo)

Facelina sp. #3--front

Elysia sp. #13--new species

Samla bicolor--mating

Costasiella kuroshimae--young (4th photo) & feeding

Dolabella auricularia--ejecting ink

Thuridilla neona--enhanced green

Hypselodoris imperialis--branchia


Chromodoris aspersa--with egg mass

Murphydoris sp. #3--processes, rhinophores & 3rd animal

Okenia sp. #2--large

Samla cf. rubropurpurata--with eggs

Costasiella sp. #2 changed to Costasiella fridae

Sclerodoris sp. #2--papillae extended


Otinodoris sp. #1--new species

Unidentified Caliphyllid #1--new species



Atagema sp. #3--new species

Murphydoris sp. #3--new species


Murphydoris cf. cobbi--new species

Mexichromis pusilla--new species


Noalda sp. #2--new species
Noalda sp. #1--new species

Dolabella sp. #1 split from Dolabella auricularia--new species

Tenellia sp. #29 split from Tenellia sp. #11--new species


Tenellia sp. #28--new species

Unidentified Discodorid #21 (Carminodoris sp. #21)--new species


Baeolidia cf. harrietae--new species


Okenia sp. #3--new species


Eubranchus sp. #7 lumped with Eubranchus sp. #4--species dropped



Lamellaria(?) sp. #12--new species (Prosobranch Addendum)

Syphonota geographica split from Aplysia juliana--new species


Unidentified Discodorid #20 (Carminodoris sp. #20)--new species

Gymnodoris sp. #11--new species


Polybranchia cf. jannae--new species

Costasiella sp. #3 split from Costasiella kuroshimae--new species


Cerberilla albopunctata split from Cerberilla sp. #1--new species



Corolla ovata--new species

Gleba cordata--new species

Unidentified Discodorid #19--new species


Pleurobranchus(?) sp. #1 split from Pleurobranchus mamillatus--new species


Unidentified Facelinid sp. #8--new species

Tenellia sp. #27--new species


Goniodoridella sp. #3 (Murphydoris puncticulata)--new species


Costasiella sp. #2 (Costasiella fridae)--new species


Cymbulia sibogae--new species



Mourgona(?) sp. #5--new species

Thuridilla cf. vatae--new species

Melibe sp. #1--new species


Tenellia sp. #26--new species


Unidentified Facelinid sp. #7--new species


Berthellina sp. #1 split from Berthellina delicata--new species

Phyllidiella sp. #1 (Phyllidiella cf. lizae) split from Phyllidiella pustulosa--new species

Scyllae cf. fulva--new species

Hallaxa cf. fuscescens split from Actinocyclus verrucosus--new species

Phyllodesmium sp. #3--new species

Doto sp. #2--new species

Mourgona sp. #4 split from Mourgona sp. #1--new species



Gymnodoris sp. #10--new species

Anteaeolidiella cacaotica split from Anteaeolidiella cf. takanosimensis--new species


Polybranchia orientalis split into Polybranchia jensenae & Polybranchia samanthae--new species

Mourgona(?) sp. #3--new species

Mourgona sp. #2--new species

Cyerce nigricans--new species


Unidentified Discodorid #18--new species

Species list