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The family Discodorididae includes flattened dorids with tubercles, papillae or caryophyllidia on the notum. Most are cryptic and nocturnal. It was recently revised to include the families Archidorididae, Asteronotidae, Kentrodorididae, Platydorididae, and Rostangidae. It is the largest nudibranch family in Hawaii with about 58 known species in 14 genera (Asteronotus, Atagema, Carminodoris, Diaulula, Discodoris, Geitodoris, Halgerda, Jorunna, Paradoris, Peltodoris, Platydoris, Rostanga, Sclerodoris, and Thordisa).

It's possible that the species listed as "Platydoris sp." in Kay & Young (1969) might be Platydoris sanguinea Bergh, 1905 but it needs confirmation. The animal referred to as "Another rigid species with broad thin margins..." on page 182 of Edmondson, 1946 is probably in this family but is likely unassignable. Dai Mar Tamarack sent a photo of an animal that may turn out to be an additional species of Rostanga. However, it requires confirmation.

Asteronotus cespitosus

Atagema echinata

Atagema intecta

Atagema cf. osseosa

Atagema scabriuscula

Atagema(?) sp. #2

Atagema sp. #18

Carminodoris bifurcata

Carminodoris cf. flammea

Carminodoris grandiflora

Carminodoris sp. #2

Diaulula sp. #1

Discodoris cebuensis

Discodoris lilacina

Geitodoris sp. #1

Halgerda dalanghita

Halgerda paliensis

Halgerda terramtuentis

 Jorunna alisonae

Jorunna funebris

Jorunna cf. ramicola

Paradoris sp. #1

Paradoris sp. #4

Paradoris sp. #7

Peltodoris fellowsi

Peltodoris rubra

Platydoris formosa

Platydoris cf. inornata

Platydoris sp. #1

Platydoris sp. #2

Platydoris sp. #3

Rostanga bifurcata

Rostanga lutescens

Rostanga sp. #1

Rostanga(?) sp. #3

Rostanga sp. #4

Sclerodoris rubicunda

Sclerodoris sp. #1

Sclerodoris sp. #2

Sebadoris fragilis

no photo
Sebadoris nubilosa

Thordisa albomacula

Thordisa cf. oliva
no photo
Thordisa setosa

Thordisa sp. #2

Thordisa sp. #4

Thordisa sp. #5

Thordisa sp. #13

Thordisa sp. #14

un. sp. #2

un. sp. #4

un. sp. #5

up. sp.  #8

un. sp. #12

un. sp. #15

un. sp. #17

un. sp. #18

un. sp. #19

Species list
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